Jakarta, April 22, 2019 – Hair is a very important part of the body to support both male and female appearance. Hair must be kept healthy. The definition of healthy hair, as explained by Dr. Gloria Novelita SpKK, is shiny, flat or unbranched end, and strong (not easy to fall).


Hair structure consists of cuticles, cortex and medulla. These cuticles are shaped like stacked scales, aiming to coat the cortex. The cortex is an important part of hair. It contains keratin or hair protein that regulates hair strength. It also contains fibers and hair color pigments. The health of the cortex depends on the cuticle.


“The definition of healthy hair are shiny, flat ends, unbranched and strong. Medically speaking, there are reasons why healthy hair should shine. Hair shaft can shine when exposed to sunlight, because the surface is flat, so it can reflect sunlight perfectly, “said Dr. Grace in the Media Talk event “Danger of Hair Styling Tools on Hair” organized by Ellips Hair Vitamin from PT Kino Indonesia Tbk in Jakarta.


The hair shaft is protected by cuticles. The cuticle must not be exposed, because it makes the cortex exposed and easily damaged. One of the causes of hair shaft damage is hair care or hair styling, the examples are the use of hair straightener, hair dryers, curling tools and so on.


The heat produced by the hair style tools will increase the temperature of the water in the hair roots. The sudden heat will make the water in the roots of the hair become steam and formed high pressure bubbles on the hair shaft. Hair becomes brittle and breaks easily.


Yuna Eka Kristina, PR Manager of PT Kino Indonesia Tbk added ; research in 2017 which involving 11,000 respondents stated that 40% of women used to use hair heater, there was even 5% increase compared to the previous year.


No wonder the purchase of a hair dryer also increased. This was also triggered by more and more hijab users and contributed to the purchase of a hair dryer. The average hair dryer user dries hair 1-2 times a day.


“The heat of a hair dryer can reach 150 degrees Celsius. But by adjusting the distance of the hair dryer and hair, the average temperature reaches 80-100 degrees Celsius. Just imagine if our hair exposes to heat from a hair dryer every day. There is also an exposure from sunlight in tropical countries, ” Yuna explained.


Dr. Grace suggests, if you really have to use a hair dryer every day, you need an extra hair care. The method is as follows:


  1. Internal treatment by consuming food that contain vitamins that are beneficial for hair health such as vitamin A, vitamin C, pro vitamin B5.
  2. External treatment, which is providing hair protection vitamins especially on the surface of the hair shaft.

Hair care should be done routinely because it is useful for prevention and care for hair that is already damaged.


“It must be understood that hair care is not instant, it must be done every day. Moreover, nowadays styling tools has been used almost every day, “suggested Dr. Grace


Ellips Solution for Damaged Hair


There are many things we can do for the solution of hair problems. PT Kino Indonesia Tbk has Ellips Hair Vitamin in gel form, which contains pro keratin complex (pro vitamin B5, keratin and multivitamin complex). “This formulation is more advanced so hair is healthier and softer,” Yuna explained.


Besides containing pro-vitamin complex, Ellips Hair Vitamins are oil-shaped so they are easily absorbed by hair. It will form a layer so when it gets hot, this protective layer will be exposed first.


The soft gel that Ellips used is the only certified halal gel even though it contains gelatin, so it can be used by Muslims.


Dr. Grace gives some tips, hair vitamins applied to the cuticles or hair shaft surface, not on the scalp. “It will make like a veil that will protect the hair shaft so when using a styling tool, hair will not damage,” Dr. Grace explained.


In long term, the provision of hair vitamins has more benefits, for example it can increase hair elasticity.


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